Satire is humor that exaggerates and pokes fun at people’s vices and shortcomings, and the stupidity that is always prevalent in society. Satire attempts to provide support and comfort to those who are afflicted, and frequently makes fun of those who are most comfortable in life. Satire has historically been used to expose and criticize contemporary political thinking, and popular culture topics.

Diabetes Satire

Despite the fact that 29 million Americans have diabetes, and an estimated one-third of the county is pre-diabetic, diabetes is still a misunderstood condition. To make matters worse, the media, advertisers, and a cadre of undereducated people with public forums are guilty of spewing misinformation, stereotypes, and occasionally sensationalizing a condition that is both serious, and very personal to those who have it.

I love to write satire. My intent is to make readers think about the ridiculous stereotypes that exist in America when it comes to health and diabetes; I occasionally poke fun at the sport of running. I am interested in prompting people to think more and differently about prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. If a post causes you to search the internet for facts about diabetes, I’ve accomplished a goal – please use credible sources to get your diabetes-related information.

Some readers will be offended by my satirical posts. That’s okay. And no, I am not going to edit them. I am always open to feedback and criticism, but I refuse to argue with anyone who takes any of these posts literally. The satirical posts are conspicuously marked with an editor’s note at the beginning, and the title always begins with iRD News.

You can find these posts by clicking on the Satire/Humor category on the right sidebar of any iRD page.

Thank you for reading!