My Canadian Pharmacy Expert Uncovers the Secrets of Male Sexual Health and Issues

Male Sexual Health and Issues

My Canadian Pharmacy specialist, Mark Rice (contact details), deals with the problems of urology, andrology, sexology, human reproduction and family planning. We want to present you a brief summary of his article about male sexual health.

Improving health and increasing the life expectancy of men are the most important social tasks; therefore, the most essential problems of men’s health and longevity are connected with their ecological, social, demographic, and psychological aspects. Men in many countries generally do not survive to retirement: their working-age mortality is almost four times higher than that of women. Also the level of psychosomatic diseases, depressive disorders and suicides is much higher. This is due to the fact that it is the male half of the population is more exposed to external factors. It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study of the health status of men in different regions of the country, various professions and social groups, to protect paternity and reproductive health of men at the legislative level.

The body is affected by the state of the environment, as a person is exposed to a complex “cocktail” of chemical pollutants. For example, in the manufacture of plastics (dental fillings, cans, mobile phones), bisphenol, a hardener is used that causes prostate and breast cancer, sexual dysfunction, infertility, ischemic heart disease. The US Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 93% of the total population has an elevated level of bisphenol in the urine. Phthalates – odor fixers and plasticizers contained in cosmetics, deodorants, shampoos, gels, etc., can cause impotency and sperm pathology. According to the latest data, 1000 molecules of dioxins and up to 1 million atoms of heavy metals account for one spermatozoon. Naturally, all these factors negatively affect the health of a man and his reproductive function.

No less damage to health and well-being is inflicted by a man himself. Topical issues of modern men’s health are caused by negative impact of bad habits (fatty foods, fast food, alcohol, nicotine, hypodynamia). For example, the use of beer causes a sharp decrease in testosterone, nicotine disrupts blood supply; if a man has hypertension, smoking can increase the risk of impotency by 27 times. Potency is affected by a significant number of common chronic diseases. Thus, atherosclerosis affects the vessels of the brain, heart and artery; some of them are connected with the sexual organs.

World demographic indicators are largely determined by a marked decrease in fertility and deterioration in spermatogenesis in men of childbearing age. A consequence of this is an increase in the proportion of the male factor in the structure of causes of infertility. Scientific evidence confirms that the reproductive potential of a man today is much lower than it was at the beginning and even in the middle of the last century. This is very dangerous, because if we talk about evolution, about progress, it is a man who ensures the progress of the development of species.

Electron microscopic examination of the sexual cells of the ejaculate allows a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the state of the cellular organelles of spermatozoon to assess the structural integrity and therefore, the functional adequacy of the subcellular structures responsible for the cell movement, the penetrating and fertilizing ability of spermatozoa, and to suggest etiopathogenetic factors of pathospermia. The method of ultrastructural diagnostics of pathospermia helps to reveal the connection between normal spermogram indices and prolonged idiopathic infertility.

Mark dwells in detail on the problems faced by doctors: late treatment, age, duration of infertility; lack of an integrated approach to the survey of married couples; underestimation of the male factor; unreasonable invasive methods of treatment of a woman.  It is the conduct of a comprehensive survey of men that often allows us to identify those factors that are potential.

Mark notes the need of using herbal preparations for various men’s diseases, especially in the early stages of treatment. This was facilitated by reports on phytotherapy in the correction of intergenic sexual disorders, the experience of using phytopreparations in the treatment of pelvic organs diseases, etc. Many drugs, including homeopathic and phytotherapeutic ones, could be found at My Canadian Pharmacy Inc. Also, medical equipment and tools, diagnostic devices and equipment, funds from smoking, hair loss, obesity, drugs for alcohol and drug dependence treatment, medical cosmetics for men and much more are presented to the customers.