Oops! I Blew Up iRD

If you are among the handful of people who read my blog before this post went live, you may, or may not have noticed that the previous content has vanished. It’s gone. Oops, I magically banished it to distant reaches of the internet during a blog platform transition. I should have seen it coming, but I think that deep in the dark hole called my imagination, I hoped it would happen. A non-technical guy should never attempt an IT-type project.

The hosting company’s support people were fantastic, and I’m sure they would have stayed with me long enough to retrieve what was misplaced. But in case you didn’t know, IT people speak an alien language that produces guttural sound of “dots” and “Os.” I saved myself further embarrassment, and my IT contact the heartache of trying to translate IT 101 to a mortal, kindergarten level. While I may be technically incompetent, I am not stupid…usually. I have copies of previous posts, but I do not intend to rebuild the content. Why? Because it sucked.

Change provides an opportunity to review and reflect on where we are, and this includes those times when we impose change upon ourselves. There was little I liked about the previous content of this blog, so I am going to make changes.

I intend to be entirely selfish going forward. Since I write here for fun, I’ve decided to write what I like, the way I like to write it, and to stop trying to follow all the ridiculous rules of blogging. If you are easily entertained, and like a balanced mix of juvenile humor and questionably useful information, then I invite you to follow along.

You will learn that I have a love for fiction and satire, so please do not take anything I write in future posts as authentic or real. I still hold onto hope that something I write may help someone in the health journey, but don’t get your hopes up to high.


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